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With the growth of the Internet, the network has become an indispensable part of people's daily life. With the rapid growth of large-scale e-commerce, many famous traditional enterprises have also stepped into the publicity album printing e-commerce industry. In addition, special colors can be used for printing. The operation of this process can highlight the characteristics of pictures and promote the overall beauty. Wireless adhesive binding, trimming neat, aesthetic, easy to read. When carrying out the print design of brochures, designers should try to use one or two spot colors as the background color of printing. It should not be too complicated. If it is complicated, there will be no point in reading.
The common printing and binding methods of brochures include horse riding nails, wireless glue binding, sewing glue binding, glue binding, etc.
凹凸壓印又稱壓凸紋印刷,印刷品外表裝飾加工中一種特殊的加工技術,使用凹凸模具,一定的壓力作用下,使印刷品基材發生塑性變形,從而對印刷品外表進行藝術加工。壓印的各種凸狀圖文和花紋,顯示出深淺不同的紋樣,具有明顯的浮雕感,增強了印刷品的立體感和藝術感染力。 壓印是浮雕藝術在印刷上的移植和運用,其印版類似于我國木版水印使用的拱花方法。印刷時,不使用油墨而是直接利用印刷機的壓力進行壓印,操作方法與一般凸版印刷相同,但壓力要大一些。如果質量要求高,或紙張比擬厚、硬度比擬大,也可以采用熱壓,即在印刷機的金屬底版上接通電流。
Concave convex printing, also known as embossing printing, is a special processing technology in the surface decoration processing of printed matter. The use of concave convex mold, under a certain pressure, makes the printed material plastic deformation, thus carries on the artistic processing to the printed product appearance. All kinds of embossed graphics and patterns show different depth patterns and have obvious relief feeling, which enhances the three-dimensional sense and artistic appeal of the printed matter. Embossing is the transplantation and application of relief art in printing. Its printing plate is similar to the arch flower method used in woodblock watermark in China. When printing, do not use ink, but directly use the pressure of the printing machine for imprinting, the operation method is the same as general relief printing, but the pressure is higher. If the quality requirements are high, or the paper is thick and hard, hot pressing can also be used, that is, the current is connected to the metal plate of the printing machine.
濟南印刷廠通常在畫冊精裝、日歷、包裝盒、吊牌、名片等。 可是為了增加畫冊的美觀機能,良多畫冊加倍了,一些此外印刷工藝,好比壓紋,UV,燙金,凹凸,絲印,覆膜,滾金,透空等。起凸,增加圖像的三維度,增加印刷品的手感和觀感。騎馬釘,畫冊平坦,費用低,火速便捷,合用于頁碼少的畫冊。 錫燙,質感更佳,華美高尚品質。鎖線膠裝,加固膠裝質量,密度更高,平整不易散開。 宣傳畫冊印刷UV工藝,晉升光感,凸顯立體結局。
Jinan printing factory usually in album hardcover, calendar, packing box, tag, business card, etc. However, in order to increase the aesthetic function of the album, many of them have been doubled. Some other printing techniques, such as embossing, UV, bronzing, concave convex, silk screen printing, film covering, gold rolling, air permeability, etc. Convex, increase the three-dimensional image, increase the feel and appearance of printed matter. Horse riding nail, flat album, low cost, fast and convenient, suitable for album with few pages. Tin hot, better texture, gorgeous and noble quality. Lock line glued, reinforced glue quality, higher density, flat and not easy to spread. Publicity album printing UV technology, enhance the light sense, highlight the three-dimensional outcome.
In order to make the background color of a batch of publicity album printed materials consistent, we should use envelope printing, this process can make the ink layer more smooth, and the printed page will not flower or show white spots, which can truly reflect the artistic ending of the original manuscript. Film covering, effectively prevent paper yellowing, fading and damage, waterproof function. Therefore, in the design of publicity album printing, we should skillfully use color to highlight the expression focus of the album, and mobilize the reading pleasure of consumers through the process of visual ending.
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