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The enterprise customized desk calendar is a powerful publicity tool of the company, which can customize and print various publicity contents, including your company's logo, visual image, products, company real scene, team style, corporate culture, etc. It can be used as a gift to give to customers along with the goods, or as a meeting gift, hand gift, etc. during business development. The customized investment of a few yuan in exchange for a year of imperceptible publicity is an exhibition tool of great profits.
Desk calendar wall calendar is especially suitable for insurance companies, travel agencies, art training, home decoration and many other industries! The production period of Shangpin smart manufacturing customized calendar is about 10 days. The order is cut off to December 20 every year. It has strong timeliness. It is appropriate to design, produce and distribute early!
臺 歷臺歷的紙張選擇一般而言,臺歷與掛歷印刷所用的紙張為銅板紙、藝術紙、啞粉紙三類。
Paper selection of desk calendar generally speaking, the paper used for desk calendar and wall calendar printing is copper paper, art paper and matte paper.
Quality is a very important factor in desk calendar printing, especially in business desk calendar. High quality material can make the desk calendar use enough for one year. In the choice of paper, we should choose thick, smooth and waterproof paper.
Different specifications and sizes of desk calendar at present, the popular desk calendars in the market mainly include: horizontal desk calendar, square desk calendar, bar desk calendar, horizontal mini desk calendar, vertical mini desk calendar, vertical desk calendar and loose leaf long bar desk calendar.
常見的臺歷尺寸為 :290mm×120mm ;207mm×145mm;140mm×145mm;145mm×100mm;100mm×145mm;145mm×207mm;190mm×120mm。
The common desk calendar size is 290mm × 120mm ; 207mm × 145mm; 140mm × 145mm; 145mm × 100mm; 100mm × 145mm; 145mm × 207mm; 190mm × 120mm。
掛 歷掛歷的紙張選擇掛歷紙一般是采用的銅版紙、雙膠紙。通常手折紙上常說的就是那種質地比較好的紙張。
The paper selection of wall calendar the wall calendar paper is generally coated paper and double offset paper. Usually, what is often said on hand origami is that kind of paper with better texture.
Different specifications and sizes of wall calendar:
Compared with desk calendar, the specification of wall calendar is single and long.
掛歷尺寸常用的有:×373mm、570×430mm 、480mm×770mm、×840mm 、 380mm×1000mm、×印刷臺歷掛歷的要點臺歷掛歷的印刷區別臺歷印刷品在客戶體驗度上更實用,更方便客戶查看日期與記錄當日行程。
Commonly used calendar sizes are: × 373mm、570 × 430mm 、480mm × 770mm、 × 840mm 、 380mm × 1000mm、 × Key points of printing desk calendar and wall calendar the printing difference of desk calendar and wall calendar is more practical in terms of customer experience, which is more convenient for customers to view the date and record the itinerary of the day.
The wall calendar printed matter has great strength in advertising, which is more effective than the desk calendar in dealing with customer relations. Desk calendar printed matter is suitable for giving to all new and old customers to promote relations, while wall calendar printed matter is more suitable for giving to important customers of the company, more high-grade and more conducive to promoting relations with customers. High grade calendar customers are also happy to hang up at their company or home. Whether it is wall calendar or desk calendar, the printed matter needs to be atmospheric, concise and high-grade, so that customers are willing to use it, and the printed matter can play a publicity effect.
Desk calendar and wall calendar design requirements the special desk calendar and wall calendar are relative to the desk calendar and wall calendar with general content, and can be designed and made separately according to special requirements. The content, style, etc. are all specific. The whole process is specially carried out around the needs of customers. The processes include: design style sample - design printing - digital sample - plate making - Printing - cutting - plate mounting - Page matching - finished products - Drilling - ring threading and pressing - quality inspection - Packaging - delivery.
In addition, there are: laminating - ironing gold and silver - bulging - oiling - die cutting and other process procedures, which are added as required according to the product requirements.
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